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Directors Report

Aloha friends,

Ka Hale A Ke Ola Homeless Resource Centers, Inc. has been serving the homeless and under-served in Maui County community for over 30 years, but like many, the last year and a half has been one of the most challenging times in our history. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our important work to break the cycle of homelessness did not ease up. Homelessness doesn’t take a  timeout or stop when there’s a pandemic. On a monthly basis, on average, we receive 216 (Wailuku shelter) and 122 (Lahaina shelter) calls for services!

While homelessness is an uncomfortable and visible aspect for our community, there is the unseen fact that families and singles were successfully exiting the shelter program to go into permanent housing throughout this pandemic.

Resilience is an amazing factor for the clients we serve. Their effort and desire to get into housing is awe inspiring and helps encourage the work we do. Ka Hale A Ke Ola Homeless Resource Centers, Inc. and our staff were able to help 294 households to enter into housing and they won’t be labeled as homeless again!

I’m deeply grateful for the staff of KHAKO and HMOW who work tirelessly to keep the shelter and rental units operating safely, and offer programs that enhance the quality of life for our guests. We continue to serve meals (46,876 in 2020 alone) and offer services to improve participants’ permanent housing success. I am so proud to lead and serve this organization that has made a positive impact on the lives of thousands of households on Maui.

Thankfully, this work is done with you, our beloved community members, we each strive to have the resources necessary to do this important work and hope inducing work. Many of you have had life challenges as well and yet you offered help and hope to the people we serve through your donations of treasure, talents, and
time! Current Board of Director Chair, Lynn Rassmussen states that “As we move through the new year, lessons learned from this year serve us well. I’m looking forward to being a part of the history and the future of the efforts of this board, our executive director and staff, and our community to end the cycle of homelessness on beautiful Maui – a place where none of our friends and neighbors should be without care and shelter.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, the staff, and myself, we are beyond grateful for each of you!

Mahalo piha,
Monique Ibarra
Executive Director

Lynn Rasmussen – Chairperson | Doug Wright – Vice Chairperson
Steve Miller – Secretary  | Alec McBarnet – Treasurer

Amber Barto, Cathy Bio, Father Gary Colton, Dr. John Decker, Rory Frampton, Kit Hart, J. Moana, Kaho‘ohanohano, Nicole Spalding, Alvin Tagomori, Michael Victorino, Jim Worley

Programs & Services

  • Emergency Shelter
    • Housing Placement and Retention Services
    • Employment Support Services
    • Budgeting Classes
    • Keiki Tutoring & Family Strengthening Support
  • Food Services
  • Respite Shelter for Medically Fragile
  • Veteran’s Shelter Program
  • Rental Assistance Program
  • Ka La Hiki Ola – Mobile Hygiene Unit
  • Sober Living Programs
    • Support Maui Drug Court Clients
    • Formerly Incarcerated / Re-entry program
  • Affordable Rental Apartments in Wailuku and Lahaina


  • Food Services Culinary Arts Training Program
  • Affordable Rental Housing in South Maui
  • New Respite Shelter Units


A Family in Need…

In August 2019, a family of seven enrolled in the Ka Hale A Ke Ola Homeless Resource Center program. The family was no stranger to Ka Hale A Ke Ola, having been in and out of the shelter several times. Prior to entering, the family’s only source of income was SNAP benefits. They were one of the more difficult families to work with, due to the family size, they had experienced significant trauma and had very limited employment skills. Throughout their time at KHAKO, the family endured numerous hardships and challenges but continued to work closely with their Navigators. In April 2021, the family had successfully moved into the Huliau Project with Hale Mahaolu. The family has been highly involved with the Housing Retention Program since moving into permanent housing and has stated many times how grateful they are to KHAKO’s staff and their time in the program. The family continues to be successfully permanently housed.

A Single Mom’s Struggle & Redemption

First coming to the shelter from Women Helping Women, a single mother struggled to learn how to be independent for the first time on her own. Through KHAKO’s help she quickly obtained full time employment, received a rapid re-housing referral and was able to find permanent housing. She expressed immense gratitude to the program which enabled her confidence and self-esteem to grow and helped her realize that she was capable of being independent and accomplishing whatever she puts her mind to.