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Our Mission

Ka Hale A Ke Ola is dedicated to serving the needs of the homeless and hungry on Maui by providing emergency food and housing, voicing their concerns, and empowering them to take responsibility for their own lives and to call on the community to assist in these actions.

Our History

Ka Hale A Ke Ola began sheltering the homeless on November 26, 1986 in an old church building in Puunene. We only had $26 and the idealistic drive that we could make it work. The building was 50 years old with faulty electrical and plumbing. Dirt blowing in from nearby cane fields made it virtually impossible to keep the shelter clean but shelter workers persevered. Community volunteers built partitions to give families privacy. Twenty-eight church groups, service organizations and local businesses volunteered to provide dinners on a rotating basis. Against all odds, KHAKO survived and in its first five years, it sheltered, fed and clothed more than 3,600 residents.

KHAKO’s Board of Directors soon recognized many residents needed more than food and shelter to break the cycle of homelessness. KHAKO began serving as a referral center, connecting residents with employment agencies, rental assistance programs and other social services. In 1991, KHAKO began offering life skills classes designed to break the pattern of homelessness — classes in budgeting, parenting and communication. KHAKO blossomed into a comprehensive resource center that provides emergency shelter, transitional housing, adult education and training, counseling, a primary care medical clinic and facilities for child care.

Board of Directors

The board oversees KHAKO’s works and helps to ensure we are making progress toward our mission.

Rory Frampton – Chairperson
Doug Wright – Vice Chairperson
Alvin Tagomori – Secretary
Alec McBarnet – Treasurer
Steve Miller
Michael Victorino
Dr. John Decker
Cathy Bio
Rev. Gary Colton
Nicole Spalding
Kit Hart
James Worley
Lynn Rasmussen
J. Moana Kaho’ohanohano

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