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Weekend Operations - HMOW

Department: HMOW
Category: Operations
Status: PT
Pay Grade: 15.00/hr

Provides oversight of the physical premises to ensure security and safety of the tenants and staff.

Summary of Essential Job Functions
1. Provides general oversight of the affordable housing complex to ensure security of the premises and safety of the residents.
2. Has knowledge of the rules, regulations and expectations for tenants at HMOW.
3. During an assigned shift, enforces rules with impartiality and fairness.
4. Resolves minor conflicts between tenants.
5. Enforces children’s curfew times.
6. Accurately documents any incidents to ensure proper paper trail.
7. Maintains property log book, entering pertinent data as required.
8. Communicates general repair requests to the Maintenance Supervisor as noted.
9. Is thoroughly familiar with the rules and regulations of the facility.
10. Registers tenant vehicles and provides information to Supervisor.
11. Calls MPD as needed and provides police with accurate information.
12. Is trained in the use of First Aid and CPR and performs those skills as required.
13. Provides new tenants with initial inspection and explains the features of the unit and the house rules.
14. Provides security when outside vendors need to enter units.
15. Delivers letters from Leasing office or Director of Operations and invoices from accounting.
16. Reads electrical meters monthly and accurately log for billing purposes.
17. Lock and unlock park property as a courtesy to County of Maui.
18. Through routine checks on property, notes and reports to supervisor, any unusual activities or behavior on the property
19. Communicates accurately and completely between shifts to ensure proper flow of information.

Minimum Educational Requirements
1. College preferred, Must have High School diploma or GED.
2. Security background; Experience in report writing

Abilities Required
1. To read, write and comprehend the English language.
2. To interact with clients from all walks of life and from all backgrounds, withholding judgment and treating all with fairness and respect.
3. Must be able to lift more than 25 pounds
4. Must have valid drivers license
5. Extensive walking and climbing stairs is a must.
6. Must effectively communicate present, information and respond adequately to questions from tenants and public.
7. To rules and procedures to tenants having different levels of comprehension and competence.
8. To maintain firm but friendly control over a number of residents with varying needs and backgrounds.
9. To maintain routine records 10. To perform CPR and first aid.
11. To understand and consistently enforce the rules, regulations, policies and objectives of HMOW.
12. Demonstrate fairness.
13. Act at all times with honesty and truth

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