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Residential Specialist - Central

Department: Central Center
Categories: Operations, Programs
Status: FT/ Shift Work
Pay Grade: $15.00/ hr
Job summary:
Residential Specialists are on-site during hours of operation to assist Guests with supportive counseling crisis management, problem solving, and monitor client progress toward program goals. Provides oversight of the physical premises to ensure security and safety of the residents.
Summary of Essential Job Functions:
1. Provides general oversight of the Respite Home to ensure security of the premises and safety and supervises all Guests.
2. During an assigned shift, enforces rules, settles disputes, imposes penalties, and oversees and records daily chore performance.
3. Enforces rules and regulations dictated by Respite Home
4. Ensures all residents are in bed by lights out.
5. Assists in preparing scheduled and planned meals and snacks for Guests.
6. Observes dietary restrictions and guidelines of specific Guests.
7. Writes up reports of Guests behavior and activity.
8. Submits reports to Housing Program Manager.
9. Assists in resolving disputes amongst residents.
10. Ensures that all residents attend group and individual therapy appointments.
11. Observes any alterations or idiosyncrasies in Guests’ behaviors and reports them to Housing Program Manager.
12. Identifies signs of Guests’ potential harm to self or others, and addresses these accordingly.
13. Engages Guests in conversation and encourages socializing.
14. Provides counseling support to Guests when appropriate
15. Consults with Maui Memorial Medical Center staff including physicians, nurses, dietitians, social workers, and therapists as appropriate.
16. Oversees the general cleanliness of the property by performing independent checks
17. Is thoroughly familiar with the rules and regulations of the Respite Home and understands the mission, vision and philosophy of the program.
18. Is trained in the use of First Aid and CPR and performs those skills as required.
19. Performs fire evacuation drills and quarterly inspections for damages and cleanliness. Cleans living areas after Guests exit and do laundry as necessary.
20. Prepares daily and weekly written records, incident reports and eviction notices as required.
21. Available to work all shifts for a 24 hours/ 7 days per week operation
22. On-call availability for shift coverage outside of primary work hours.
23. Prepares and distributes daily morning reports including but not limited to daily census updates to Maui Memorial Medical Center staff.Additional Duties and Responsibilities of a Residential Specialist:
1. Demonstrates patience and empathy
2. Exhibits strong organizational skills.
3. Maintains friendly and outgoing demeanor.
4. Possesses excellent interpersonal and conversational skills.
5. Is willing and able to stay at group home overnight as necessary.
6. Possesses excellent problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.
7. Works well with a variety of individuals.
8. Communicates clearly and effectively.
9. Maintains an encouraging and compassionate attitude.
10. Remains calm during stressful situations.
11. Recognizes the basic symptoms of personality disorders and depression.
12. Works calmly and efficiently in a crisis.
13. Exhibits excellent listening skills.
14. To read, write and comprehend the English language
15. Must be familiar with computers, Microsoft Word
16. To interact with Guests from all walks of life and from all backgrounds, withholding judgment and treating all with fairness and respect
17. To effectively communicate, present, information and respond adequately to questions
18. To identify and define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions
19. To interpret rules and procedures to Guests having different levels of comprehension and competence
20. To maintain firm but friendly control over a number of Guests with varying needs and backgrounds

Minimum Requirements:
1. Must have High School diploma or equivalent.
2. Two (2) years of professional, work experience in health, human services, and/or housing.
3. Work experience in counseling, social work, or group home desirable.

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