Aloha Beloved Community,

We are convinced that the origin of the word “resilience” stems from families and individuals who have endured homelessness. The families, children, and single adults in our shelters are the strongest and most resilient people you will ever meet. They have gone through stressors and trauma that most of us will never experience, but they know how to survive. Most advanced through 2021 working towards their goals even as the COVID pandemic ensued with hell-bent force.

When a family or single adult leaves the shelter to move into permanent housing, we give them the  credit. They are the ones who had to show up to our front doors to ask for help, they are the ones who work to keep their heads held high, with hopes they will be treated with dignity and respect, despite their circumstances. When you and I help our community members who have dealt with and endure homelessness, we are giving them the dignity and respect they deserve for advancing despite adversity.

You care. You invest in these neighbors of ours, many of whom are our friends or family, the families we know from schools or work. They are as valuable as any of us in this beloved community in Maui County. You’ll read stories here of people reaching their goals of permanent housing through hard work, collaboration, and persistence!

You and KHAKO share deeply held values to help and care for our most vulnerable community members and for that we are extremely grateful. Thanks to your support, our inspiring and tireless staff and caring and knowledgeable board members can continue Ka Hale A Ke Ola’s mission to break the cycle of homelessness on Maui. In these pages, you will see programs and projects that have helped increase the resilience and safety net for our shelter participants. The numbers are remarkable and should be considered in contrast to the relatively small population of Maui County in 2021 (165,386).


Mahalo piha,
Monique Ibarra
Executive Director




Lynn Rasmussen – Chairperson | Doug Wright – Vice Chairperson
Steve Miller – Secretary  | Alec McBarnet – Treasurer

Amber Barto, Cathy Bio, Father Gary Colton, Dr. John Decker, Rory Frampton, Kit Hart, J. Moana Kaho‘ohanohano, Nicole Spalding, Alvin Tagomori, Mayor Michael Victorino, Jim Worley