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The KHAKO service delivery strategies are based on nationally and locally recognized continuum-of-care models demonstrated to be effective in addressing the complex issues associated with homelessness in a comprehensive, holistic manner. This approach goes beyond the provision of basic shelter and sustenance needs for homeless persons, by providing a series of structured programs and services that are focused on instilling the skills, knowledge and experience that are necessary to support self-sufficiency and promote positive, healthy life choices. These services include the following array of services:

  • Housing Navigation, Housing Specialists and Housing Retention services.
  • Primary-care medical clinics – operated by Malama I Ke Ola Health Centers
  • Money Magic (budgeting education classes)
  • Step Up Classes (how to maintain clean units)
  • Employment Prep and referrals
  • Rental Assistance
  • Housing location assistance

Emergency Shelter Program

We provide emergency shelter for verified homeless individuals and families seeking shelter in Maui County. For single men and women we provide shelter beds in a dorm setting. For families we provide either a studio or a two-bedroom unit.

Rental Assistance Program

The KHAKO Rental Assistance Program (RAP) is a homelessness prevention program that provides direct rental assistance payments, supplemented by counseling and case management for a minimum of six (6) months to a year, to individuals and families moving from emergency shelter or transitional housing programs to permanent housing and Maui residents at risk of becoming homeless due to a temporary lack of financial resources. For more information, contact our RAP Specialist at (808) 446-8129.


  • Housing Placement – KHAKO case management team assists guests to become document ready for housing. Such documents may include identification cards, birth certificates, and employment verification. The Housing Specialist assists guests in finding affordable permanent housing.
  • The Children’s Services Coordinator assists families with resources they may need in the community from educational rights to childcare services available in the community.
  • Money Magic (budgeting class) – guests attend Money Magic to learn how to budget their money and save for the future.
  • Housing Retention Services – after exiting shelter for permanent housing, former guests will have 9 months of follow up services by the Housing Retention specialist to ensure a smooth transition from shelter to permanent housing.
  • Kids Tutoring Service – We have volunteers from high schools who provide tutoring to all the school age children on site.

Guest Satisfaction Survey!

Please let us know how we’re doing as a shelter program!  Your feedback is important to help us know what we’re doing right and how we can improve!