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Sponsor A Dinner

Your organization would purchase, cook and serve an entrée, a side, and a dessert. Rice, salad and drinks will be provided by our staff. You can prepare a favorite recipe or it can be as simple as picking up some pizzas from Costco. See sample menu ideas.

Volunteer Agreement – This form must be completed by each volunteer prior to sponsoring a meal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How much does it cost to sponsor a meal?
A – An average meal costs about $150.  See sample meal plans with costs

Q – How many people will I have to feed if I sponsor a dinner?
A – You have two options.  You can choose to feed the emergency clients, which is approximately 30 residents; or you could provide meals for both the emergency and transitional residents which would be between 55-80 meals.

It’s up to you how often you would like to commit – whether monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. This is a worthwhile community service project for any organization or high school.  Check our Sponsor Calendar for availability.

Q – What time would I have to be there to sponsor a dinner?
A – Dinner must be ready to serve by 5:55 pm – five minutes before serving at 6:00 pm.  Sponsor groups can arrive as early as 3:30 pm to prepare the meal.  The amount of time you need to prepare depends on what you are serving but the meal must be ready by 5:55 pm.  Sponsors will serve until 6:30 pm at which time our staff takes over.  At this time, you’re invited to prepare a plate of food and sit down with the residents, if you like.

Q – How often can I sponsor a meal?
A – That’s entirely up to you. We have groups that sponsor on a set date each month (ie: Third Thursday); once a quarter or just occasionally.

Q – How many people can I bring with my group?
A – We recommend a minimum or three people and a maximum of up to ten otherwise it gets too busy in the kitchen.

Q – Can I bring my children to sponsor a meal?
A – Young children are not allowed in the kitchen but they can participate in the dining room.

Q – Can we bring entertainment?
A – Musical entertainment is okay during dinner.

Q – Can we offer an event such as face-painting or cupcake-decorating prior to serving the meal?
A – Yes.  All events must be pre-approved, and completed and cleaned up prior to 6:00 pm.

Q – Can I come to see the kitchen first?
A – Yes, we recommend you arrange to come and check out the kitchen and even arrange to be there when another sponsor is preparing so you can see how it’s done.

Q – Can I serve breakfast or lunch?
A – You can drop off breakfast or lunch but at this time, we only have sponsors that prepare and serve dinners.

Q – Can we use this opportunity to outreach?
A – You can recite a blessing before the meal, but please begin by announcing that residents do not need to participate in it.  Passing out literature, outreach, worship or religious instruction is not allowed.

Q – Is there a dress code?
A – Shoes or sneakers must be worn in the kitchen.  High heels, sandals, slippers, clogs, etc. are not allowed.

Q – Can I take pictures of my group sponsoring a dinner?
A – We encourage you to take photographs of your group but absolutely no photographs of the residentsare allowed.

Q –  Can I shop for my food at the Food Bank?
A – If you are a non-profit organization, then yes, you can become a member of the Maui Food Bank.  Please contact Lynn Curtis, Director of Agency Relations at the Maui Food Bank at (808) 243-9500 or by email:

Q – Will a staff member be on hand to assist us?
A – Yes.  KHAKO staff will be there to assist you with preparation and oversee the meal service.

When you’re ready to volunteer, please email Todd Kanoa, Director of Food Services at  In the meantime, please have each member of your group complete the Volunteer Agreement form.